How long in advance should we book a Toastmaster?
About 12/18 months, but my advice would be that once your date and venue is booked, it would now be an ideal time to book you Toastmaster.

How far would a Toastmaster travel?
This would depend on the individual Toastmaster and would be reflected in the fee.

Does the Toastmaster attend the church service? If not, what time will the Toastmaster arrive at the venue?
Toastmasters do not normally attend the church ceremony. Your Toastmaster should arrive at the venue, giving him/herself enough time to acquaint him/herself with the surroundings, staff and be ready to receive you upon your arrival.

What does a traditional Toastmaster wear?
Toastmasters wear a hunting pink long tailed coat (commonly known as a red coat), starched fronted white dress shirt, starched white bow tie, starched white waistcoat, white gloves, black dress suit trousers and black patent leather shoes.

Does a Toastmaster wear a hat?

How long does the Toastmaster stay at our Wedding Reception?
Toastmaster’s duties would normally be complete at the end of the table formalities, but your Toastmaster will be able confirm that he/she would be able to stay to the end of the first dance or to the end of the evening reception at an agreeable fee.

Do we supply the Toastmaster with a meal, and where would they sit during the meal?
Meals are normally supplied and your Toastmaster is seated on their own at a small table near to the top table, subject to space being available so that he/she can oversee the Wedding Breakfast.

What are the duties of a Toastmaster at a Wedding Reception?
The duties of a Toastmaster are to ensure all the correct procedures are carried out and the Bride and Bridegroom, together with all the top table guests can relax and enjoy their special day.

What is a Receiving Line?
A Receiving Line is where all the Wedding Guests are introduced by the Toastmaster to the parents of the Bride and Bridegroom together with the Bride and Bridegroom. The order of a Receiving Line would normally be: Brides Mother, Brides Father, Bridegrooms Mother, Bridegrooms Father, Bride and Bridegroom, or as advised by the Bride and Bridegroom

We are having a Receiving Line, can we just have the Bride, Bridegroom, Best Man, and Chief Bridesmaid?
It is your day and therefore any request about your receiving line is completely down to the Bride & Bridegroom.

We are having a Receiving Line, but are worried as to which order we would all be standing in as one/both our parents are remarried, but we both would still like them all to be in the Receiving Line. How could we do this?
The best way around this is starting with the Brides Mother; write down the first names of who you both wish to have standing next to whom. Then when arranging your final details with your Toastmaster advise him/herself of your requirements, then there are no more worries and the rest is done for you on the day.

We have a member of the Clergy attending our Wedding, would he/she be able to say grace before our meal?
The Toastmaster would usually say grace if requested. But should there be a member of the Clergy in attendance he/she must be given the option to do so first.

Will the Toastmaster announce us both into the dining area?
The Toastmaster will enter the room first and ask all your Wedding Guests to stand to receive the Bride & Bridegroom. He/she will then escort you both to your places at the top table.

Would the Toastmaster be able to inform our guests politely not to smoke during the meal?
Once everyone is seated the Toastmaster would then make this announcement for you.

We would like to toast all our guests, when should we do this?
I would suggest this toast is done before the starter course is cleared.

We have cameras on each table, how can we make sure all our guests use them and know where to leave them after they have used them?
Once all your guests are seated at the tables, the Toastmaster will explain to all your guests how to use the cameras and flash and also where to leave them once they are finished with.

We have a Wedding Guest Book for all our guests to sign, where should we leave it to ensure everyone can sign it?
The Wedding Guest Book should be given to your Toastmaster and he/she will ensure all your guests sign it.

Do the speeches come before the meal for after?
Usually the speeches happen after the meal, but it is becoming more popular to have them before to enable all the speechmakers to enjoy their meal without worrying.

When it comes to the speeches whose speech is first?
Usually the Brides’ Father or whoever has been appointed in his place speaks first. The Bridegroom usually then speaks and the Best Man concludes.

How many toasts should we have?
Usually there are three toasts. Firstly to the Bride & Bridegroom, proposed by the Brides Father or whoever has been appointed in his place. The second toast should be to the Bridesmaids and Best Man, proposed by the Bridegroom, and then the Best Man propose the final toast to the parents of the Bride & Bridegroom.

Should the Best Man include any humorous Wedding Toasts?
It is not a good idea to embarrass any of your Wedding Guests in any shape or form.

We have been told that the Best Man toasts the Bride and Bridegroom at the end of his speech. Is this correct, as my Father would prefer to do this at the end of his speech?
The Brides Father or whoever has been appointed in his place, usually toasts the Bride and Bridegroom.

When should we cut our Wedding Cake?
Should you wish your Wedding Cake to be served with coffee, you would normally cut this after the main course plates are cleared. However, if you wish your Wedding Cake to be served with the evening buffet it is normally cut after the speeches.

At our friends Wedding, the Wedding Cake was served with coffee and not a lot was eaten. Do you think it’s a good idea to have it served with the evening buffet instead?
Wedding Guests have usually just eaten a large meal, and therefore will not usually want any Wedding Cake. There is also the chance that most cake served with coffee will be wasted.

After all the Table Formalities are complete, what happens next?
The Toastmaster will ask everybody to stand, and then he/she will escort you both from the Top Table and out of the Dining Area.

We had not thought about having a Toastmaster at our Wedding, are Toastmasters becoming more popular, and why?
Toastmasters at Wedding Receptions have increased over the recent years, This being due to Bride and Bridegrooms wanting their special day to be stress free and knowing that should a problem occur there is a Toastmaster in attendance to help you.​

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